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      hi all, i have buy 2 x SanDisk CompactFlash for my Eclipse 1 x Sandisk 1.0 GB SDCFJ and 1 x Sandisk Ultra 2- 4 GB, both Cards dont work, Eclipse System Show me the Space of the Card but when i want save my Presets i get a Error — "ERROR WHILE SAVING."
      What is the Problem ?? I Know not all Cards work with Eclipse but the Sandisk is the Best & Standard Card 🙁 Thx

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       Try using a smaller card.  I'm guessing the Eclipse is not designed to work with such a huge card.  I use a couple of 8mb cards to save my presets.  Both cards are brands that arn't listed in the manual, but they work fine.

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      have you formatted the card in the Eclipse utility menu before trying to store anything to it?

      If the answer is "yes", then you may want to use a smaller capacity card. A 16 MB is all you will ever need, even though today CFCs come in bigger sizes. Nor you need an extra fast CFC like those suitable for digital reflex cards.
      These *standard* Sandisk models should work. A 512MB is still available:


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      hi all , thx for answer !! yes i have use the eclipse format, but the time for format very short & the "busy led" dont work when format, the problem is now , smal cards 256-512m very hard to find.
      no shop here have so smal cards 🙂 i check the sandisk 1029


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      Here,  check  this  item out  that I found on eBay.  I've used this exact same type and size of card with my Eclipse and  it worked fine.  Please note, this is not my auction.  I just ran a search for "Compact flash card".


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      thx all !! with my new sandisk 256mb works perfect

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      Eventide Staff

       I bought a 2GB Sandisk Ultra II from Staples this morning and it seems to work fine straight out of the bag.

      Until I tried formatting it on the Eclipse, when it gave the sort of problems described.

      But, I then quick-formatted it on a PC (being sure to select FAT rather than FAT32) and it was fine again. SO, the problem is with the format command on the Eclipse, rather than the read/writing of the card.

      We plan to fix the format command in a future version of the software, but until then an easy workaround is to format it on a PC as described above.

      Note that there are possible issues with bigger cards (e.g. 4G, 8G) due to the FAT file system running out of abilities to handle them. 

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      How do you format the card on a PC ?

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      Eventide Staff

      You need a suitable USB CF card reader. I'm using a "Smartdisk CFUSB", but there are any number of cheap alternatives.

      The the card will show up under "My Computer" as a "Removable Disk".

      Right-click on the name and you will get a menu with a list of options, one of which is "Format".

      Set "File system" to FAT, rather than the default "FAT32". Check "Quick Format".  Then hit "Start". Takes about 20 seconds.

      When it is complete, right click the name again and select "Eject" and remove the card.

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