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      Hi Italo,

      i know that probably this question was posted again, but be patience please, i can't understand something yet.

      I've changed my setup: from a stereo pre (triaxis) to a mono head (custom audio OD-100).

      What is the right configuration to use eclipse into a mono head? (for ex: use a y cable in the analog output of the eclipse to the mono return of my effects loop?)

      If i buy a line mixer, can i'll use the eclipse in stereo again?

      Thnx for your reply,


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       Hi Al

      no problem!

      Be aware that no gtr preamp is stereo! The fact it hs 2 outputs doesn't mean it's stereo! It simply has a splitted mono output.

      There is no way one could use a stereo FX processor IN STEREO, with a mono head!

      You should use Eclipse in mono. The best way is to connect the head FX loop send to Eclipse input 1 OR 2 and set Eclipse input mode to 1 or 2 accordingly. This is available under the LEVELS key.

      Then both Eclipse outputs should be connected to 2 channels of a mixer and pan them full right or full wet. Then use only the left OR right output of the mixer (depending on where you panned both channels to) to the head fx loop return.

      That'll make the best compatibility.

      Of course you'll need to use the Eclipse XLRs I/O as these technotes explain:

      all the best

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      Hi Italo and thnx for your instant reply!!

      There is a way to bypass the "mixer step" you have explained me?
      Can i use, for example, the pan function of algorithms i use in every single preset and go out from eclipse with only one of the 2 eclipse's output?

      What happen if go out from my eclipse with a y mono cable to my head's return direclty?

      Thnx for your support!


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      you could use the pan settings to redirect audio to a single output.

      The fact is not all algorithms have a pan! Reverb, phaser and others will not have the correct imaging. I suggest you try and judge with your ears.

       Don't use summing cables. It's electrically incorrect

      have a nice weekend



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      Dear Italo,

      today i've tried for the first time to use eventide with my new custom audio mono head.
      Since i don't have a line mixer to put in practice your triks, i've just tried to connect one of two output to head's return. The results it's a terrible boo (whistle), a variable ground noise in relation to what algorithm i'm gonna use.

      A month ago, i'm going to a friend owner of a head like mine, to try eventide's sound, and what i've just described it happens again, even if i use another cable.

      Since i've a y cable at home, i've tried to connect both output with the return, but ground noise was much louder.

      When i used eventide with a stereo pre and a stereo final, everything goes right: never heard ground noise.

      What can i do?



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      what can you do? Follow what I have already described in my last posting (and long before on the prvious forum).

      Use the correct wiring/plug/cable according to the type of signal. This is described in the technotes available at the link provided in the posting.

      NEVER use a Y cord! This can seriously damage your amp!


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      Hi Italo and thnx for your support!

      Today i realize that the cause of noise was a bad cable!! lol … i'm feel so stupid… With right cable, sound it's INCREDIBLE.

      I've just the last question: now, eventide it's connected to return's head with just one of two eclipse output… my question is: can i use the other eclipse output with a tuner (not pedal tuner like the B**S one, just a "discount" tuner [little box with stilo battery]), or i'll should demage something (x ex. amp or eclipse)?

      Thnx again for your support!


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       Forget it. You'll have effects that are no good for tuning

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