Eclipse DDL dulls original guitar signal? Audio degradation.

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      Does anyone know how to get around the fact that when I play guitar through the Eclipse, the original sound is fairly transparent EXCEPT when I play through a delay block i.e. 189 Vintage DDL. The sound is not as bright, or snappy or hairy as the original/bypassed guitar signal. Is that just the way it is with this unit? Or am I setting levels wrong? I don't have the same degradation of audio when I play through Dual Gates or Dual Comp or any other Block I have tried. It only seems to be the delays….Can some one confirm or help me with this?

      Thank you.

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      Vintage Delay is a much requested old style digital delay algorithm, reproducing late '70s/early '80s DDLs with reduced bit quantization. This allows for a filtered sound, thanks for feedback path placed hi_and_low_cut filters. If you prefer pristine transparent sound, please use other delay algorithms. This is for the vintage analog/digital delay fan!



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      might be a good idea to set the mix parameters in the Levels menu (not in the Main section…in the Parameters section) to about 35% and set the send value in the delay block to 100. this will let some dry signal through so you'll retain your high end

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      Hey that works! Thanks so much simeon! What a relief.

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