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      Hello i have a question about a  sound quality on Eclipse . I have a friend who have a Eclipse too and he has his setup analog with Belden 9182 Cables Twinax 150 Ohm 28 pF/Meter 8 pF f .

      and he says that is way better than spdif or digital sound on Eclipse ? Is that true ?If so why ?

      He lives miles away from me and i couldt hear the sound that he is describing So if someone is willing to explain ?

      Thx a lot for any reply ! Big Smile

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      the question doesn't make sense as you and I have no way to judge a sound from your friend's word.

      Using a digital output, any kind, implies the use of a subsequent D/A converter device, which we don't know about. Your friend didn't say which converter has he used.

      ….so we are left with not much…

      We can only say that the Eclipse digital output "may" sound better than the internal A/D converters if the unit is connected to a better quality than the internal conversion…but again, we would be judging only the conversion, NOT the Eclipse digital out.

      makes sense?



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      Thx for your fast reply Big Smile

      I havent used analog outputs only digital with my DAW .

      He have FF400 as a ADDA converter. Belden cables KimberAGSS cables.

      It makes sense Wink

      Thx Big Smile

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