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      My Eclipse doesn't respond to sysex i sent ! All parameters are set correctly: Sysed ID, Sysex: On, Channel, cables are good and properly connected…

      But yet i receive sysex of the eclipse !

      Sysex <bypass>:
      F0 1C 70 01 01 0F 0F 0F 0F 0F 0D 0F 0F F7

      Not respond …not work !

      Please help me.

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      Eventide Staff

      What are you trying to do and what results are you expecting ?

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      Works here like a charm.When I send 240 28 112 1 1 15 15 15 15 15 13 15 15 247, the bypass led is turned on or off.

      What are you using to talk MIDI to the unit? Pedal board? Software? Can you send the sysex string to another piece of software to check it's working?


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      Forum is back, good news !

      Thank you for your answers (nickrose & jfcharles), i think my problem came from a cable defective, it works great with another device but not with Eclipse. The Eclipse seems very sensitive to the quality of the midi signal. Besides, i think now used a "star connection" with a midi thru-box to avoid losses of a connection "in" -> "thru" -> "in" -> "thru".

      nickrose: i program a "remote control" for the eclipse (C#). is it possible to use the document "Eventide Harmonizer MIDI SysEx Reference Manual, v0.90" ?, this document is update ?

      Thank You very much (and excuse me for my bad English…)

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      Thank you very much, please consider this post resolved. Wink

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