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      Hi all,

      if anyone could help with this, I would appreciate it. I have a H3000se and it works fine with Ground Control Pro & M-Audio expression pedal. I have patch NO1 set as Bypass and this has everything on -48db so no sound comes out, even if the expression pedal is accidently pressed on. (it's in parallel so my core-tone isn't affected)

      My problem is that my new Eclipse works fine with both items, apart from when I change patches. With my expression pedal on 'nothing/fully back' the new sound, sounds straight away. It shouldn't, it should be silent, until I 'bring in' my new sound by pressing my pedal forward. (0 rather than 127)

      I know there is a way to do this, as the older H3000 is fine at this (and all my other rack effects) but I can't find it in the manual. At the moment, I'm changing patches and having to push the pedal forward/fully back to silence the new sound.

      Any help on that would be appreciated. All the best – Luke

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      Hi all,

      I mulled over this problem all night and came at it again. I have the answer. Even though your expression pedal linked to your MIDI board may be fine with other things, including the H3000se, for the Eclipse, you will need to plug your expression pedal into the back of the Eclipse and go through the 'calibrate/toe/heel' part.

      Now it's 'learnt' which pedal is being used with it, when loading a new patch (with the expression pedal down/off) you shouldn't get any of the new sounds effect. You can then push your pedal forward at your own leisure to bring in the effect. (this is an expression pedal linked to a MIDI board such as The Ground Control Pro)

      At the moment, I'm still using a M-Audio expression pedal, until I attain a Mission, but in theory, you may have to go through this procedure with any pedal.

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      Ok I’ve had this problem of expression pedals behaving badly with the eclipse. HERE’S HOW IT’S DONE!

      Go to patch say “288 delays+verbs”
      Click “parameters” twice. Then click “Levels”

      To assign expression pedal you want it to assign to FXA MIX, and NOT! FX! LEVEL! Leave FX level at 0.0dB. Hold soft key down on fx mix then…..

      (You’re now in the modulate section which is where you can assign expression pedal and more)

      Click use the wheel to scroll to “ext 1” or “ext 2” which ever pedal you’re using, then choose “ABSOLUTE” type. Now….

      On your midi pedal you can now choose how little fx you want in heel position and how much in toe position (0-127) so when you switch to new patch it will listen to your expression pedal position. And that’s the while point!

      Use the GLOBAL fx mix to taste. Mine is set to 40% on patch 288, which is a lot.

      You’re welcome.

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