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      Sasa Jungic


      I have to report there is an issue with adding ext controller to eclipse if there is a hotkey already present in a program.

      For example if I load prog no.136 StereoizePhaser which has several hotkeys included by default and then hold one of the parameters to set external controller, the unit freezes.

      If I delete hotkeys it works as usual I can add ext1(midi) normally. It happens no matter if the midi controller is hooked up or not, even if the eclipse is the only unit powered up.

      It happens with all of the presets if they have hotkeys. I have to turn the unit off to unlock and it reeboots fine.

      The Os version is 4.01 full.Clear setup performed.

      (Before that it was beta 4 and before that 3.51)

      Thanks for the help,

      Sasa Jungic

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      Hi Sasa

      this *was* an issue in V4.0 and thus we released 4.01 to fix it. I have tested preset 136 and no freezing occurs here. Have you CLEARED SETUP when installing V4.01? Please do so.

      all the best


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      Sasa Jungic


      what version should say on the display when powering up?

      Maybe the update didn't go through as expected? I've performed clear setup.

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      Powering on…4.01

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      Sasa Jungic

      Confirmed and resolved.

      I've performed clear setup again and this time works as expected.

      Thanks Italo!


      P.S: I will soon post my findings as instructed in the other thread soon, that is my only remaining issue with the unit 🙂

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