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      can anyone tell me if the eclipse makes many usefully different sounds to the DSP7000, or if it would make a good 'partner'.   is there anything the eclipse can do that the DSP7000 doesn't?

      i have a DSP7000, i will never (!) be able to afford a 7500 or 8000, but i can get a 2nd hand eclipse. the V4 upgrade got me thinking that it could be a good edition to my studio outboard. 

      i'm not into VSIG so i don't mind that.  i like to tweak presets and make quite odd sounds along with the usual reverbs and delays.

      any opinions much appreciated 🙂


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      Hi Jim

      most fx in Eclipse can easily be done by the H7000, being a more powerful unit. The only fx that remains exclusive to the Eclipse V4.01 are the TimeFactor and ModFactor ones. Those are not present in the 7000 and won't be.

      all the best


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      hello italo

      i'm curious about the difference between the 7000 (and the 7600) and the eclipse.  

      on your 'compare product' page – it notes that the eclipse does not do formant corrected pitch shifting, presumably down to processor power.  

      but with other FX like reverb and delay, particularly ones that have the same patch names as other models, can i basically expect the exact same sound from the eclipse?



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      Hi Jim

      the H7600 has replaced the DSP7000 and 7500 units. It's more powerful and includes new modules, thus new presets and better reverbs.

      Some fx in Eclipse are similar to the DSP/H-series. Often presets with the same names have a "2" on Eclipse to make a distinction between different units.

      In general I would say that particularly reverbs are better if not MUCH better on the H series, owing to bigger dsp power that allows for high number of delay lines in the verb and the addition of delay lines before & around the verb for diffusion and early reflections and better/newer filters.

      Simpler fx can be considered equally good on all units.

      Yep, formant correcting shifter is a dsp shark!



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