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      This something to really chew on for all you Eventide Eclipse-fans out there. The Eclipse is a machine that at least I, and im sure many with me, could spend a a whole litetime with and still not master it fully! But one of the many reaccuring things that bothers me is how you set the delay-times for different kinds of effects that have multi-line delay-lines (and also equivalent for detune- and pitch-parameters). Many effects-units doesnt have the ability to set these kinds of parmaters by the users, but for better or worse the Eclipse has that fucntionality. So in short whot the f**k do you do that, how do you set these series of delay-lines and also the quivalent for detune- and pitch-parameters?

      I have made a selection, since there are lods of examples on effcts that uses these kinds of settings and parameters, so i have chosen a few from all of them. I have chosen a couple of delays and also some detuners and pitch-shifters. I have also sorted the examples after what algorithms they use, since i imangine (or fool myself 😛 ) that it will somehow help along a bit with the understanding of these very complex matters. And also each example is accompanied with some questions that i just would love to have some really good and clever answers to 😀

      All examples come from Eventide Eclipses fabric presets, just to keep it simple.

      The different categories that i have choosen are the following:

      * Delays (plex networked)

      * Delays (that acts like a chorus)

      * Shifters-Detuners

      * Shifters-Pitch-shifters

      To save som space for here i created and linked to a pdf-file that has the full-length text along with exampels from each above category including the most important parameters for each effect and so on. Marked things that i thought was important with yellow markings.  And of course there are questions for each of this exampels for wich i most happily would like to receive som real clever answers.  Thanks very much in advance for you skilled help 😀

      Heres in the link to the full pdf-document:

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      i would also be very grateful if you could also give me tips about other places and sites where i can post these eventide-questions.

      thanks in advance


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