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      my name is Lello and I have some problem to copy a preset from internal memory

      to a 1Gb memory card ,could someone try to explane me how to do this thing ?


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       Hi Lello

      first you need to loa the preset you want to copy, then you you can store it to the card, using slots#500 and higher. Presets from 500 and up are stored to the card.

      Or you can use the Copy function, under SETUP > Utility, probably more useful when copying a number of presets in a single shot.

      The card needs to be formatted.

      This can be done in Eclipse or, better with big capacity cards as yours, on a Windows PC:

      You need a suitable USB CF card reader.

      The the card will show up under "My Computer" as a "Removable Disk".

      Right-click on the name and you will get a menu with a list of options, one of which is "Format".

      Set "File system" to FAT, rather than the default "FAT32". Check "Quick Format".  Then hit "Start". Takes about 20 seconds.

      When it is complete, right click the name again and select "Eject" and remove the card.



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