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      Just purchased an Eclipse about a month ago,I must admit to a bit of a learning curve required. I now have 3 Midi Solutions CC pedal controller moduals and 3 foot swt's with 1 more pedal via the 2 pedal inputs working. I have been working with the algorithms and finely with the midi clk controlling tempo. I'm running an antique yamaha QY10 drum machine @200bpm and noticed the Eclipse delay being modulated slighty up and down randomly. In the past I have used this drum machine into pcm80 no problem. Perhaps, have I over looked something?
      THANKS for a cool unit,

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       HI Bobby


      MIDI Clock can shift a little bit. Eclipse is extremely sensitive. Delay should be in time though. Be aware that the forthcoming OS update will have an improved MIDI Clock. It should be out soon.

      all the best


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