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      Hi there- 

      Trying to get my Roland FC-300 to select from my SD Flash card using the MIDI MAP #3 option under Setup…but no luck. 

      Seems to still only pull from the internal(1-100) patch roster and not from m card. 

      Have it set as below…

      {PGMCHG#} PChg: 1 Prst:500 

      Roland FC-300 still sending PC #1…but only loads internal patch #001.

      Set Roland from Omni to Channel 1 still no luck.

      Any ideas?



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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry – works fine for me (of course).

      Make sure your PGMCHG screen looks like this (for preset 501):

      If it does, try a different card. It needs to be Compact Flash 2G or less (not SD), formatted as FAT or FAT32 (not exFAT).




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