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      I’d like to use my eclipse like this:


      I would like to know how to set properly both the mode and the routing to do that in two cases:


      Case 1. Analog mono in ch1 (jack unbalanced) to 2 analog out (2 jacks unbalanced). From my guitar to eclipse than straight to 2 amps.


      Case 2. Adat in (toslink) and adat out (toslink)


      I’d like if someone would explain me how to do that step by step.


      Thank you


      Have nice day



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      To go mono in and stereo out, look at "Input and Output Modes" on p.22 of the User Manual. Or, hit LEVELS twice and look at I/O Mode.

      Many of the effects are "summed in, stereo out," which comes down to the same thing. Look at the Algorithms Manual to see which these are.

      ADAT in and ADAT out is covered in the User Manual (see "Digital Connections" on p.14 as a starting point). Needless to say, the signals are limited to stereo – the other ADAT tracks are passed through.



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      Can I get the same result showed on the video using presets from 902 and routing it properly?

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