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      I copied preset 459 Big Snare 1 to user slot 13. Then I adjusted the mix lecel within the preset from 100 on both FXA and FXB to about 30. I save it. It asks if I would like to update the preset and I choose yes. Then when I switch away and back to the preset the mix level is back to 100%. It seems to be only this preset. Is my internal battery going dead? Or am I losing my mind? I also deleted the preset and resaved it for the factory location to a user location again. But it will keep the mix settings???

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      The battery in the Eclipse will last 5-10 years. If your unit is old enough you might want to consider investing in a new battery. But, battery effects only occur when you power down.

      If the problem you have occurs without power-down, it is probably not the battery. Most likely you are confusing yourself. But, if you are convinced this is not the case, and it is a hardware problem, you should contact, giving all your details.

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