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      Hi all, long time lurker, first time poster. usually I can get this stuff but been loosing my mind the last few hours.

      Using an AXE-FX Ultra with the Eclipse (v3.51) in the FX loop.

      Got my Ground Control Pro set up with an IA switch sending CC#16 (latching) to control Tempo Tap on AXE (I can't get the Axe to respond to Momentary). Works great. Problem is, it doesn't transmit beat clocks to my Eclipse. Ok, cool, I reverse it and go straight into the Eclipse midi In first. (both units set to Omni).

      I set up ext4 (General 1, CC16) and set Tempo Tap SRC to ext4. Now my IA switch is set to latching – No matter what I do, cannot get the Eclipse to respond to latching. I can see it in the ext4 monitor window going from 0 to 100% when I step on it. I've set the Trigmode From Momentary to On/Off and even tried turning Sense to Reversed. Ok, fine I say. So I reprogram the switch to Momentary IA on the Ground Control. I can now control tempo on my Eclipse and it transmits beat clocks to the AXE via midi Out wonderfully, but for some ungodly reason not program changes. Regardless of the state of the tempo stuff, the Eclipse sends program changes via the Thru midi port only, not the Out port.

      Is this it's default state? I can't find a parameter that changes it to echo patch changes.


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      Hi Dave

      MIDI OUT is used to transmit MIDI messages generated by a device.

      MIDI TRHU is used to pass MIDI messages received at its MIDI IN.

      Since you are sending Program Changes from your pedalboard, it is correct that Eclipse doesn't send Program Changes from MIDI OUT. There is no function to change this.

      You may need a MIDI Merge box connected to the the Axe MIDI IN, fed by the pedalboard and by Eclipse MIDI OUT. This will provide MIDI Program Changes and MIDI Clock to the Axe.

      One last advice, use dedicated and separate MIDI channels for each unit in your rig, instead of MIDI OMNI. This will ensure every device ONLY responds to commands meant to specifically control each one.




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