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      Hi there, 

      We have a fairly old Eventide Eclipse running v.2

      We've had it for quite a few years but never really used it because it pops and clicks all the time no matter what I do. 

      Roughly every 20-25 seconds it will click whether there is sound going through it or not.  

      It doesn't seem to matter which outputs I use or whether I sync it via midi or spdif.  

      I"m running Logic Pro on Intel and using a Emagic AMT8.  Also using a Fireface 400 although I know its been doing it with a Motu 828 as well. 

      Help!  I really want to use this piece of kit but we just can't do anything with it at the moment! 

      Thanks in advance. 

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      You can upgrade to version 4, also probably worth doing a complete software reset if you don't mind losing any settings.

      To upgrade to version 4 you might have to upstage to version 3.5 first.

      If all else fails, you could email

Viewing 1 reply thread
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