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      Hi everyone, owner of a brand new Eventide Eclipse here running into some problems.

      I hooked up my Eclipse to the effects loop of my EVH 5150 III 100w head and am getting some weird issues. Input and output gain is set to 0dbs, input and output mode is both set to Mono. When the unit is plugged into the effects loop, some programs don’t work at all, and I never see the meter bar flashing no matter what I have the meter set to monitor, even for programs that do work. Sometimes programs will initially make noise and then completely stop making any noise when I play, or I will get a nasty sudden jump in volume with uncontrollable pops.

      All in all, the unit sounds basically defective when it’s run through my amp’s effects loop…

      Yet when I plug my guitar straight into it, it seems to function normally. The meter lights come on and all programs seem to work normally.

      I don’t think the problem is my effects loop being broken, because I’ve tested it by running pedals through it and the pedals work fine. All my cables seem to be functioning normally after A/B testing.

      What’s the deal? I’d hate to have spent $2000 on a unit that doesn’t work properly with my amp.

      If anyone could help offer possible solutions, that would be great. Don’t forget to explain it to me like I’m five… this is my first time using an Eclipse and I’m still learning the ins and outs.

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      Eventide Staff

      You don't say what cables you are using. Assuming that your effects loop connections are jacks, make sure that you use a mono jack to connect to the Eclipse's output.

      You can use mono or stereo jacks to connect to the Eclipse's input.

      You should also experiment with the Mono/Stereo mode settings.



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