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      I have been searching for years for this… you don't have to hire someone to configure your rig…..all the great programs aren't worth a thing if there to darn hard to access…and make sure to have 2 expression pedals one volume …one amount/change….

      and the rest of the pedal to rival TC's Gsystem…..but go even further …..they are stomping you guys in this regard

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      The G system is definitely a well-design piece of kit, but if you're a total tweakhead or are looking for some completely outrageous effects, it's just not going to cut it 100%.  MIDI pedalboards exist that can work with any processor, including a Harmonizer. 

      Rocktron, Voodoo Lab, and Custom Audio Electronics are just a few manufacturers with such products.  The best part about the custom boards is that most of them are 'macro' triggers, meaning you can send multiple MIDI commands to multiple devices with one press.



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      thanks mr.phil,

      yes G is well designed…and well I am a lazy tweakhead….so maybe I should jus

      getoffmiarrss and find out more…and do more….. I do wish that someone…. even 3rd party would have whipped up some preprogrammed memory cards with more programs..I would reeeeeeeaaallly like 2 see a card with ALL vocal programs.but it does seem like the boys/folks @ etide r addin  more 2 each system…yes I have a beringer foot pedal in the closet collecting dust….just seems like such a daunting task 2 do all that programming….maybe like etide could make a DVD tutorial VID on programming/programming a footpedal combo……

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      I also have/use the Behringer FCB1010. You'll find programming becomes very easy when you use the free programming software utility written by Ed Dixon. It's available on the FCB Yahoo users group.

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