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      hey, just a quick question. i'm interested in buying a used eclipse as… i just don't have the money for a new one. at any rate, in order to be able to upgrade say a 3.1 to 3.5 i need to register it right? the one i'm looking into purchasing is at a local guitar shop and they don't know if it's registered. is there a way on this site to just check to see if the # is registered? i'm only seeing where you actually register the serial #. or vice versa is there a way to clear or change a serial if it is as the store doesn't remember who brought it in? (i'm assuming the answer to this question is no…). Thx.

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       if you purchase any used Eventide processor and upon the attempt to
      register it you discover that it is already
      registered, this means the original owner still has the unit
      registered. So you can do one of two things:1. Contact the customer
      from who you purchased it and have them unregister it from their
      Eventide account 2. Contact Eventide Support,, to
      have us be in touch with the person who still has the serial number
      registered to their account.Congrats and enjoy!!

      all the best

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