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      The Mule

      I just got a used Eclipse online. Today I sat down to begin working with it and I’m confronted with a loud hissy static sound that persists even in bypass mode. Anybody else experience this? Is it a simple gain staging issue? I can’t imagine how it would be… Is this a sign that something is definitely wrong with the unit and I need to send it back? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated – would love to figure it out and begin enjoying the Eclipse as much as I expected I would. Thanks in advance…

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      Eventide Staff

      Most likely – it's your connections. Make sure that all pins of the connector that you are using are connected to something (don't let them float).

      Less likely: sometimes a unit has a problem and the owner sells it rather than trying to fix it.


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      The Mule

      Yep, it was a bad cable! Tossed that one. Unfortunately it was my only balanced cable of suitable length left, but I had a pair of unbalanced cables that I used, and everything sounds fine now. Thanks!

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