Eclipse style mods (env follower, LFOs, ADSRs) in H7600?

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      I have a H7600 and I used to have an Eclipse. What I can't figure out about the H7600 is if  I can assign Envelope followers or LFOs like on the Eclipse from the front panel? On the Eclipse when you hold down a soft key you go into mod setup for that parameter. In that list of mods is 2 envelope followers, 2 LFOs and 2 ADSRs as well as the usual pedal and MIDI mods that are on the H7600. These 5 modulators are saved per preset. On the H7600 when I hold Select to go into mod setup for a parameter all I see are the pedals, MIDI and EVE control sources – no Env Followers, ADSRs or LFOs.

      Are they there? Is it possible to add them? I really miss this about the Eclipse as it was great to set up FX that change over time or follow inputs. I know I can add them via Vsig but that is a lot more work than a few button presses. I am also not very good at Vsig. Also I prefer to edit from the hardware as much as possible when I am making music. Maybe you guys can convince me I am being lazy and Vsig is fast enough for music production?

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      Sorry. The 7600 has a wide range of parameter modulation options, but does not have the Eclipse's modulation block, which is the provider of the missing sources you mention.

      The H7600 does have the ability to add modulators etc using Vsig or the built-in patch editor, which the Eclipse does not have. This is much more versatile, but does have a definite learning curve.

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