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      I just update my eclipse from version 3.51 to 4.0B.

      Answering the last question when I load the system for the first time (asking me to reset the ram) as it is mention in your procedure file: that THIS WILL NOT ERASE YOUR USER PRESET only level and blabla… I said OK and then, I lost all my 80 preset that I work on since more than 5 years. I'm not that happy you know.

      Any chance to recover anything here???


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      Hi Fran Blan

      sorry to hear about the presets loss!

      We always advice to have/create backups before doing any update, pretty much like it happens on computers. Bad things can always happen and may only affect some machines. I have updated my unit and had no presets loss. So, it's something that happened for some special reasons.

      There is no way you can recover those presets, unless you have a copy of them.

      Backups can be done on CFCards and on computers or, better, on both.

      all the best


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