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      Hello Eventide friends,

      I just bought a second-hand Eclipse unit. The former owner told me that never has been updated. Looking, I could see that the OS  version is the 1.2, and the Bootloader is the 1.2.  I see that in your manual “How to update Eventide rack-mount Audio Units” you speak of possible problems when upgrading from versions prior to 2.0 to 4.0, particularly if the bootloader is version 1.1. In my case, the bootloader version is 1.2. With all this information, what is the best route to upgrade my unit? Should I update the bootloader first? I must upgrade the operating system first to intermediate versions, such as 3.5?

      Thank you!!!

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      Eventide Staff

      The information to which you refer specifically refers to booloader 1.1., so if you have 1.2 you are OK. I would suggest that you let it be, as upgrading a bootloader has a small but real risk of bricking the unit. (technical term).

      Some people like to upgrade the unit to V3.5 first, but I am never sure it it is necessary. The important thing, either way, is to re-initialize the unit after the upgrade, especially if coming from a prehistoric software version.


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      Thanks for your answer, I will do as you suggest, will update directly to the latest version.

      Best regards!

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