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      Eventide Staff

      Eclipse software version 3.5 is now available for download from the Eclipse support area of

      Release Notes

      This is an intermediate release with a number of useful improvements and bug fixes. This full release replaces the previous beta versions. An updated version of the User Manual and pullout sheets are available online.

      o Faster operation, with 50% lower MIDI latency
      o Twice as many external control sources allowed (Ext #9-16 added)
      o Support for E-Control plugin (H8000 compatible MIDI remote functions)
      o Remote control for A, B machine bypass under SETUP/EXTERNALS

      o Missing hotkeys added to Preset #123
      o AES status bits set properly when sample rate changed
      o T_RATE value could load wrongly with certain presets
      o An audio problem with systems manufactured after 08/2005 has been fixed
      o If a unit is powered up in DSP bypass and then taken out of BYPASS, the output will be 100% dry until the wet/dry ratio is adjusted.

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      Great news! Thanks a lot Eventide.

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      Sasa Jungic

      Should I upgrade my machine which already has 3.5beta OS?


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       Absolutely. Always get the final official release, a much improved version to favor to any beta one.


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       I have done the upgrade from beta to final release and on the screen after reboot that asks me to clear setup the ok or cancel will not respond. What is the next step, I have rebooted 3 times now still nothing.

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      What method did you use to update the unit (card or serial cable w/Pc)?

      What exactly happens when it asks to clear setup ("will not respond") ?


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      I updated via PC with the serial cable. I finally go this fixed. The
      flow of events were as such. I did the update using the PC and then
      when both the application and Eventide IDE said complete I rebooted the
      Eventide,  it gave me the OK, Cancel option but was frozen where it
      would not respond. After 6 reboots it finally responded. This worked
      fine for me on the beta release but on this release gave me these
      issues. It is now working for me, but I do not know why it took 6
      reboots to respond.

Viewing 6 reply threads
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