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      Eventide Staff

      Eventide is happy to announce the availability of Eclipse V4.01, which may be downloaded by registered users from the Eclipse Support section of our Web Site.

      This version fixes two issues that were discovered following the release of V4.0:

      1) Modulating certain parameters could crash the system.

      2) In some presets, the last hot key was repeated multiple times.

      You do not need to rush to upgrade if neither of these issues are relevant to you. People upgrading from V3.xx must read the release notes and backup their presets before upgrading.

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      Yep, indeed, modulating the parameters does crash the system, particularly concerning the new presets (TF ; MF).

      I shall try the newest version tonight.

      Thanx ! Wink

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      Have downloaded & installed V4.01.

      Everything is OK now, but I had to do a CLEAR SETUP again.

      BTW, no more crash with modulation applied to certain parameters, thanx guys ! Cool

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      Now, I'll try the new version. Indeed, parameter modulation is one of the very strong features of the Eclipse – absolutely necessary!

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      I have installed the update, but my unit still crashes. E.g. I have copied one of the modfactor presets (undulator) to user presets. When I try to change the routing to two blocks in series, then try to change the mute block to something else, the display goes blank. I have to restart the unit again. 

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      Hi Thomas

      -do you have 4.0 or 4.01 running on your Eclipse now?

      -can you exactly describe the sequence of actions/key presses/menu navigation/etc. that causes freezing?



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      4.01. Clear setup.

      I'm not in my studio now, but from the top of my head:
      I took Ondulator preset number 2 and saved it to a user preset. Then I tried to modify it. Set it up to be two series blocks. Block number 2 became Mute. When I tried to change this the screen went blank. Had to restart.

      I have tried this procedure several times with the same result.  

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      Here's my test:

      -loaded 938 MF9:2 Undulator (this is the second Undulator preset)

      -stored to user memory as #2

      -reloaded from User memory

      -press PARAMETER twice

      -press ROUTING and select "series"

      .press PARAMETER one more time

      -press PROGRAM to select which algorithm to copy to the B block

      -selected 161 Reverse Crystals & press LOAD FX B to load it

      – no freezing occurs

      BUT "This parameter cannot be modulated: Press any key to continue" appears…and shouldn't.

      What algorithm did you choose to load in the FX B block?

      I can't replicate the freezing here.



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      I will try that exact sequence when I'm back at the studio, but I think what you have described sums up what I have already done. I also had the same problem with the previous version of the OS. 

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      We get very different results though. No freezing here.

      Please let me know what happens if you follow my sequence.

      Thank you


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