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      I have been bitten by the ‘sickness’ and seem to be trying to accumulate high-end gear in the quest of beautiful audio. My interests are House music with throwback big vocals, trip hip hop and ambient grooves.


      I have been after something that can aid the creation of lush audio and pristine clarity and like many was drawn to UAD hype. Having done some online research I noticed the name Eventide Eclipse was mentioned many times and so checked out a few demos. I loved the sounds and ordered one.


      I am a little concerned as I am finding it incredibly complicated but will preserve until I am sufficiently proficient.


      The questions I would like to ask


      ‘Is it possible to set up a send buss in my DAW (cubase) so that I am able to send multiple channels to any effects / reverbs I am using on the V4?’


      ‘Can these sends be automated in complex ways similar to VST plug-ins?’


      Thanks very much for any help



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