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      I use the Eclipse with my guitar rig. I use a seperate preamp, the Tech 21 PSA 1.1. Since I am using the Tech21 for distortions, how do I globally bypass all distortions in the Eclipses presets? I would love to try out some of the Eclipses guitar presets but they already have the preamp distortion. I want to use the PSA 1.1 for dstortion and the Eclipse for effects. Thanks

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      Eventide Staff

      There is no global way to remove part of an effect. Sorry.

      Many will have controls that you can tweak to remove/reduce the distortion.

      Only a small proportion of the Eclipse effects have a distortion component.

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       As Nick correctly states, the amount of guitar presets w/distortion is really limited.

      In case you want to try them out without built-in disto, you can simply bypass the first FX block in the preset. As an example, take preset #450 GTR rack, load it and press Parameter; now turn off FX A and you'll only hear delay and diffchorus.

      Keep in mind that there are dozens of presets that do not use distortion and provide the fx you may need on your gtr. The name of a preset dosn't really imply you should or should not use it on any particular sound source. The best approach is to sit down and hear them all.

      As a starter, try 444 Chrs/Dly>Verb.

      I'm in the process to add more presets for this task, besides other stuf that will be fun for many.



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       …and guess what?

      I'm working on this, using a Tech21 *original* PSA-1, with purple front panel!



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      I am wondering how you have the Eclipse conected to the PSA-1….Its loop is instrument level and if the 50/50 button is engaged the send signal is even less!Eclipse will input the instrument level but outputs line level!……Are you useing aux loops and/or input chanels on your mixer maybe and not the effects loop on the PSA-1?….. -10/+4 option on the Eclipse output would be a nice modification !

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       Hi Robert

      I'm not sure the FX Loop runs on a fixed impedance or is automatically changed when input level is choosen between 0/-10dB.

      Anyway I do not use the fx loop. My mixer takes care of the whole thing.

      A PSA-1  XLR output goes straight to the mixer for dry sound, panned center.  The other runs to Eclipse input 1. The Eventide input mode is set on Mono 1 (that makes the unit mono I/stereo O). Eclipse XLRs outputs connect to 2 mixer channels, hard L/R panned for 100% wet fx only path.

      Eclipse doesn't need line/instrument level switch as, like all Eventides rack units, it uses 1/4" for instrument levels and XLRs for balanced/unbalanced line level connections.

      This configuration works very, very well for me as it keeps the 2 signals paths as sonically pristine as possible, with great level amounts.


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      Thankyou Italo. I do the same thing.
      The loop is fixed high impedance!
      Are not the 1/4" eclipse outs balanced line level? They can be unbalanced but still maintain the line level ratios ie; As instrument input level increases the output increases at line level ratios 6db lower?

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       Use the XLRs for unbalanced line level. Keep the soldering balanced on the XLR and unbalance the soldering on the 1/4" jacks end of the cables.


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      Yes! and the 1/4" TRS outputs?

       It would be nice if there is a level switch like on the PSA 1…….and Eventides reverb unit!…..

      Can the TRS & 1/4" outs be used at the same time on Eclipse like PSA 1?

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       Better using the XLRs.

      You should only use one of them, XLRs OR 1/4".


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