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      EXTREMELY disappointed to bring a problem forward with Eventide products as up to now I was convinced these processors were the best out there.

      Unti is freezing up….had a checksum error several months ago, worked through that….a few days ago, all saved patches started behaving weird..noted delay from attack on string and then notes repeating themselves on all patches. Unit keeps freezing up forcing me to do factory reloads…press any key to continue which of course doesnt work as the unit is frozen and I have to reboot. Started reloading presets after the 3rd factory reset, got to 18 saved and then freeze up again.

      Since the manual dedicates an entire section on this issue I am going to assume Eventide is aware of it. Does anyone have similar experiences and what remedy or fix is available for it. I have the 3.0 version…just a few years old. Bought brand new.

      Now I am going to guess that I have to turn into a freaking proggrammer and install some sort iof software updates correcting a problem that was obviously known of before. Reading about all the nightmares in doing that on this troubleshooting and now I am leary of that.

      And no….I am not interested in hearing about the 7600 or 8000. I dont spend money on a company upgrading my problems once I have problems like this. for two grand and a few years old, I expect better then this.

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      Eventide Staff

      Assuming that you have tried returning to factory defaults, your problem is probably that the internal battery has run down.

      Please contact to get it fixed.

      Once your problem is resolved, you may want to bring the software to the latest specification,. but not until then.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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