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      Matthias Adloff

      Please add mouse wheel support for knobs.

      I understand that this is quite tricky to implement since the wheel is primarily used for scrolling. You could do it like this (I”ve been thinking about that quite a few minutes with imagined tests, soI just come up with a solution that I would program if I was in your dev team):

      Click on knob (as well as editing the value of the knob) activates it for the wheel. If the mouse moves away from the knob’s area, the wheel is re-assigned to scrolling again. 





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      John Baylies

      Thanks for the suggestion. We're aware of this potential feature, and it will be added one day.

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      Matthias Adloff

      Great! Keep on the amazing work! Coming from Orville and H8000, the H9000 workflow feels like paradise.

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      Would make a huge difference.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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