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      Emote was working fine but now quits every time after it crashed, it quits when trying to connect, please help as I now can’t use it anymore.

      I’m on Mac os 11.3.1

      Emote 2.03[9]


      I’ve tried rebooting both H9k& mac, no luck.


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      I also tried re-installing emote, same problem 🙁


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      Standalone? Vst? I had vst issues but it seems vst3 version solved it for me here.

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      fixed now, I don’t know what I did, I think it was just fiddling around on the H9k itself.

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi, sorry for your issue but glad to hear that Emote is working again. 

      Please let me know if the issue persists and any other relevant info you can provide such as how you are connecting the H9k to your computer, whether you are using Emote as standalone or plug-in, and what DAW you are using. 


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      Same here using the AU Emote plugin (v2.0.3[9]) in Logic Pro (10.6.2) – it’s connected to my Mac Pro via Ethernet and a also Dante card (not using the USB).

      Some days it loads fine other days it’s constantly crashing Logic when loading projects that contain the Emote plugin – the next day it’s working fine again. It make no sense and is extremely frustrating and time consuming. I’ve got projects to complete so I’ve given up using the plugin – the standalone Emote app is really stable.

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      I got Emote to work by just re-selecting a session from the H9k itself or a reboot of both software and hardware and then re-select a session on the hardware.

      I’ve also realised the crashing when swapping ALG’s is from the COMBINED view only, I don’t get crashes when swapping ALG’s from the ALG view.

      I will test this more but for now it’s working on this view, awesome!

Viewing 6 reply threads
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