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      I had been having huge success assigning midi control via external controller and  using midi learn within the emote to have external h9000r parameter control and automation.  I could automate pretty much any parameter within the Emote and the H9000R patches by recording midi info on a midi track in Cubase and send that info to the H9000r via emote!  But, now when I try this no such luck! Not sure what changed but unfortunately its not working anymore!  What is happening is I can still assign an external hardware/midi device to the parameters via midi learn like any other vst instrument, and I do see communication  and functionality between the hardware and the emote when turning the knob but only when the daw is idle and not in play or record mode! As soon as I engage record/play the communication is unresponsive and very slow! The daw records the midi info but it seems the emote cant respond quickly enough to read the recorded midi information! As I said this did work at one time! I’m trying many things but stumped at the moment! Suggestions are welcome! Having the option to automate the H9000r is a game changer for me!

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      Sorry for the issues you are having. Does this occur in any Cubase session you use? Are you sending a lot of MIDI data to the H9000?

      Does this occur if you use a simple blank Cubase session and only automate 1 parameter on the H9000?

      An alternative to sending CC automation is to use Emote as a plug-in and automate the functions on the H9000. This may work better for your setup. More information can be found here: https://cdn.eventideaudio.com/manuals/h9000/2.0/content/emote/plugin.html#function-automation

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