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      Running latest version on H9000R with version 1.2.1[11](bd85cf699)

      MacPro with OSX 10.10.2


      The problem is that if in Emote I do Sessions/Save As (MySessionName) I can see the file update in the HD folder. So that works. However, the displayed name in Emote does not change, which continues to appear as Thru, whihc is the last Session I loaded from the H9000.

      Furthermore, if I load a different session from the H9000 (say 908 EDM Session)  then Emote clearly loads the session, but then I try Sessions/Load or Load Recent, and I try loading MySessionName svaed on the HD previously, then nothing happens.

      I just don’t understand what is going on, and I don’t even know how to load MySessionName at all.



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      Well I reconnected my H9000R to Wi-Fi with a static DHCP address (which I created form my router with the MAC address of the H9K) and now it appears that the file load works and the name of the session displays in the orange bar.
      Word behavior but at least it works.

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      I try ink the problem is not Open but Open Recent. The former works whereas the latter seems to do nothing?

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      Eventide Staff

      There appears to be a bug in the 'Open Recent' functionality in the latest Emote beta.  It will be fixed in the next release coming shortly.  Thanks for reporting this.

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      Glad to help.

      Let’s make a deal, help me get my expression pedals working? I have a different thread on the topic, but no one has responded. I’m high and dry on that topic.

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      pedal issue is solved, see other thread

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