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      Is there a way to unmap all midi parameters of the session or FX chain ?
      I’m mapping few different things, but when I use a session for a different music production and want to map other things, the previews mapped elements are obviously still present, but it’s a bit tricky to find them all one by one and unmap them manually.
      In DAW like ableton there is a full list of the mapped parameters..

      If you have any idea that would be welcome, the manual doesn’t seem to specify it.


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      I don’t think there is a way.  If it is a chain you reuse, perhaps save an umapped version and use that as a starting point.

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      Sorry, there is no way to unmap all FX Chain parameters with a single command. I’ve made a ticket to look into adding this feature, but I cannot say when or if it may be added.

      One solution or workflow that may work for you is using Functions. This way, you can always use the same MIDI CCs to control Functions 1-8, but in each project Functions 1-8 would control different parameters.

      If you have a front panel unit, you can press the Parameters button, and then go to Functions > Map and this will show you a list of all the mappable parameters in the currently selected FX Chain and which Function they are mapped to. This would make it easier to see which parameters are mapped, but this view is not available in Emote, you can only see this on the front panel.

      Let me know if you have any questions.

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      Thanks for your answers, good to know.
      I will work around it for now, it would for sure be a handy feature. I own a rack version so no front panel here.

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