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      Hi, I've just bought an Eclipse unit, and am controlling it with a Rocktron All Access.

      My problem is that despite checking and resetting the mdi map on the Eclipse, it responds very erratically when changing patches.

      For example, when the All Access sends a Program Change of "2", the Eclipse will load Program "115", whilst saying "Program Number 91 not found". If I then press the footswitch again it will sometimes then change to Program 2 as requested, or other times will find another random program, or just stay on "115".

      The All Access is also new, and controls my Triaxis perfectly so I doubt that it is to blame. I tried swapping the midi cable, but still no joy, and it's definitely connected to the Midi Thru on the Triaxis, not Midi Out.

      Is there anything that I'm missing?

      Thanks in advance for your help – this seems a great forum, with some very supportive people!

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       Hi Adam

      I suspect:

      -the AllAccess is a very advanced unit, with lots of features. It may be sending many MIDI commands at the same time. You need to eliminate the ones you don't need and channellize the others. Set Eclipse (and any other MIDI target unit) to a separate specific channel, rather than using OMNI (= Latin "ALL" = all channels).

      -be aware of how MIDI Maps are created on Eclipse.

      Map 1 recalls factory algorithms, from 100 to 227

      Map 2 recalls user created & stored presets, from 0 to 99. You need to have presets stored in there for this map to work.

      Map 3 recalls  user presets stored to a card, from 500 to 999.



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