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      My concerns about latency may be due to having had ASIO direct monitoring enabled, which it pretty much has to be when dubbing a human over a lot of tracks (especially ones with plugins) in a native application like Nuendo. Otherwise human musicians will often complain about the delay in the sounds they make.

      Nonetheless a VST driver with patch recall for the H8000FW is still a good idea. The latency on Harmonizers is so variable between patches that "What you hear, is what you get" is probably the only practical way to go. Though it would be interesting to hear what happens when harmonized tracks are pulled into sync.

      Can anybody here actually hear the difference between 96 and 192 kHz?

      I've been looking into buying a clock or user supplied crystal, but am doubtful that it make any perceptible difference. The proof would probably be if no one can hear the above difference.

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