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      hello everyone,

      I havent used my unit in a long time but finally decided to put it back in my rig (very happy i did!).

      When i powered it up i got the internal checksome message and thought it might be the battery. I used the "fix" option inside the unit for the internal ram and the error message is now gone.

      I then decided to start working on some sounds, loaded the first TF digital delay preset (so im on v4.01), made some changes and tried to update the patch but couldnt. Instead i got the message "error while saving. Press any key to continue". Tried several times (after turning off and powering on the unit as well) and got the same msg.

      Any idea how i could fix this problem? could it be the battery after all?

      Thank you!

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      Eventide Staff

      It could be the battery .. but it sounds like you are trying to "update" a factory preset which can't be done. Try "save" instead.

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      thank you for the answer! i knew i couldnt delete factory presets but i forgot i couldnt update them thats probably the culprit! ill try it tomorrow and get back to you.

      Thanks again!

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