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      I have a question regarding storing presets with the rotary encoders on an eve/net. The eve/net is connected to an H8000FW

      When I do it now, it stores both machine A and B instead of just the focused preset. I understand from the manual this will store presets and routing but the brochure states that I can store favorite individual presets by press-holding the encoders.

      Is there a way to just store 8 favorites and then be able to assign them to A or B or will it always save both loaded machines as one rotary encoder enabled preset?

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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry – the intention of this feature was to allow you to restore the state of the whole machine with a single click, rather than individual presets.

      We thought it would be less useful if you could select a preset with one click, but would then have to look at a message and hit another key before actually loading it.

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      Just making sure I was doing it right.

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