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       I was curious about the EVE/NET protocol and thought it would be an interesting project to make a software or plugin to manage the Eventide units.

      Since it’s not Ethernet it has to be something else, but you can get adapters for UART, SPI and I2C .

      I completely understand if you don’t want to give me info, I don’t expect a proprietary protocol to have “public style” documentation. 🙂

      I thought would be better to ask than to get a used EVE/NET and use a logic analyzer 🙂


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      Eventide Staff

      Eve/Net uses CAN (Controller Area Network). a network protocol from the motor industry, running at up to 1Mb/s.

      I'm afraid we have no public documentation of the protocol, but it is pretty straightforward.

      There are USB CAN adaptors available, but it would be a lot of work to use them.


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      Thanks! that’s really helpful.

      Do you happen to have a pinout from the RJ45, and does the EVE/NET module need to present itself or send a magic byte to be allowed to receive data?

      Or does the display data etc just flow continuously and it’s just pushed onto the CAN bus

      Thanks again! 🙂

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      Eventide Staff

      The RJ45 is:

      1) Power+ (24V)

      2) GND

      3) CANH

      4) Power+ (24V)

      5) Power+ (24V)

      6) CANL

      7) GND

      8) GND

      I don't have the details of the protocol, so you will have to work it out yourself. First, get a good book on CAN.


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      Thanks a lot! The biggest mystery is what the eve/net send from it’s panel, jog wheel and kbobs. I guess the only way is to sniff the communication with wireshark.


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