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      Greetings Sound Crew

      I am wondering what the resolution of the encoder knobs is on the Eve/Net remote?
      I am used to MIDI (0-127) Most of my homemade equipment has a scan resolution of 1028 which is nice 🙂

      It would be wonderful if Eve/Net had a resolution of 1028 or higher…

      Also…. Is there any noticeable latency between knob turn and parameter change? (if scanned at audio rates?)

      I am hoping it feels more like voltage control rather than digital 🙂


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      Any suggestions as to where I might obtain this information?


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      Eventide Staff

       The resolution of the rotary encoders varies depending on the parameter being controlled – one click on the encoder will be the same as one press on the up or down arrows with the same parameter selected.

      The resolution of any parameter can be changed with either Vsig or the built-in patch editor, but they are usually set to reasonable values.

      The Eve/Net response time is pretty good, but will not be faster than the controlled unit itself, for obvious reasons. 

Viewing 2 reply threads
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