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      I plan on buying a H8000FW sometime soon. It's been a long time desire to enter the Eventide community 🙂

      I have a few questions re the H8000FW though. Given it's been out for quite a few years now, although Eventide renewed it with FW capabilities, I was wondering if there was a new flagship product coming out in the near future. It's a lot of money to spend and I would be very frustrated to finally make the commitment and see their new flagship product coming up soon after. So I was wondering if it's not better to wait 'til the AES or the NAMM just in case…

      Re the Eve Net, it looks to be a cool remote (and an expensive one too)… but not sure about it's utility yet as from what I understand its controllers can't emit MIDI data (which would be useful for MIDI automation). Then there is the E-Control which I understand may only exist in RTAS format. From my researches it was said that you can't use E-Control and Eve Net at the same time so I was wondering if it's really worthy to get the Eve Net as it looks much more handy to control the H8000 from a plugin interface (which I assume will support MIDI Learn capabiilites).

      A few issues… I am running Leopard and my main DAW uses Audio Units format… so I'm not even sure when E-Control will be compatible with my platform.

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       Hi SPOTS

      as common practice we won't disclose information about new products. My suggestion is that you can sleep quiet nights though. The H8000FW has life ahead!

      Regarding the Evenet (the less expensive remote, compared to TC or Lexi, right?), it gives you the ability to run 4 Eventide units at the same time and tweak parameters with those 8 encoders, using both hands for creative action…and won't be another load on your computer. So, there are good reasons for it.

      Considered that EControl will be available for ProTools and we don't know at the moment if and when it may be available for other platforms…EveNet makes even more sense.



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      Nice feature to be able to remote control 4 Eventide units with the Eve Net, but it's neither applicable to my budget nor to my present needs.

      Do any one here has a H8000 with the Eve Net and E-Control that would like to share his/her impression on using the H8000 with vs without the Eve Net and with vs without E-Control?

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      the E-Control is to be released for public beta at the end of October.

      all the best


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      Thanks, that is good to know.

      So I am dealing now with the thought of either would I really need the Eve Net or not. For a guy who has only one Eventide product, I guess it may not be as essential… my first thought is that MIDI control would be by far more beneficial.

      Any user here who would like to share his experience of using the H8000 with the Eve Net vs without it?

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      And now I am the one coming to this same post almost 3 years later.

      Can I sleep quiet nights if or should I wait till the next eventide mothership?

      And can you please confirm if E-control for pro tools is implemented yet or not yet?  Pro Tools LE/M-powered?  Or HD?

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