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      Here is my biggest whish on audio gear developing.

      I was thinking for the last couple of weeks and imagining that if what I was an employee of the Eventide Group and I had the power of developing new plans or a new protocol for a DSP harmonizer FX unit, what it would be. I think that I did a pretty good job with realising realistic plans for a futurtive Eventide powerfull DSP unit developing.

      An unit which will lead us in a new dimension of optimal and intergrated computer based unit which will increase our workflow just as VST plugins do.

      A DSP Harmonizer unit which is based on the same prinipe as a Powercore X8 (TC).
      So an unit with DSP processors and a lot of algohrimes presets intergrated as a vst plugin.

      Just imagine that there is a silver unit which looks like as a Powercore unit (no LCD screen required, or a little one), but based on the Presets/algohrimes of the H8000 line.
      The unit is one or two HE high and has a powerbutton at the front. And possibiltys for upgrading by (pci flash adapter an/or usb or FW) at the front too. Inside the unit there are kick as DSP processors likewise as the DSP power of the H8000FW series, or maybe better (4 o r8 or 16 powerfull DSP processors?). Of course with the superb converter/DSP quality which we know from the eventide group.

      The algohrims/presets are based at almost the same construction as if the H8000 series.
      Except know everything is intern in an Eventide software program which contains a GUI/Layout which is useful as stand-alone of DirectX of VST.

      It's not neccessary at all to make a plugin for any patch/preset/aloghrime. But they are listed in a clear and overvieuw-able layout/Guide. Of course with patch edit/parameter editting options. The Eventide vst plugin contains as many presets/algohrimes as the H8000 series. So the pitchshifting,delays,emualtions,racks,compressor and so on…

      The unit will contain ''oncly'' digital protocols connections of I/O's; 3 protcols with sending 8 I/O's or 16 I/O's. The 3 protocols are: FW (2 x), AES ( 24 pins option= 8 I/O's) and ADAT option. These are at the rearpanel.

      The unit/platform is for PC/MAC and for all* DAW's, AU,VST,TDM,RTAS and so on…

      Also the routing options must have much more clearnes and logical options as they are vieuwable in a bigger screen.

      The Eventide software program must contain several tabs (front panel,presets/algohrimes; categorised ?????) and have the same options for selecting a preset as in wellknown famous vst's. The options are: load, bypass, start/stop, previeuw. Before you load them on your track.

      So the end conclussion is: The new unit has to be an Eventide in a software/vst plugin for the computer. But the DSP power and processor and converters are in an unit such as the Powercore X8 principe.

      What are the benifits of the new powerfull unit you will think?

      * ?t will increase the overall workflow in most studio setups.
      * You can put a lower price on it and you are becoming a serious intersting option in a much bigger section; for a population which don't have the amount for a H8000 unit.
      * 'Since all futurtive gear which is gonna be developed, is becoming much more computer based there is a much more bigger audience for the future.
      * Price suggestion would be 3500-4500$.Which is much more attrective for a much bigger clients.
      * Your company becomes much more intergrated in a ''pop gear culture''.
      * You are competing with a pretty good stabile futurtive platform.

      Hopefully the Eventide see something in this plan or in parts of it, in sort same construction as the above standing presentation.

      Wish you all the best.


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      Yeaah! We have been considering something like that.



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      Well then, good for the Eventide Group!

      So I guess your company is going to the drawing table and we see the project next year. launched at the beautiful spring/summer 2009! 😉

      Hopefully you not joking around.

      Now for real; hopefully your company is planning to develope some sort of idea, that would be an hugh step foward! And would lead in new direction for a total new  and much bigger generation custumors!

      Just my 2cents

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       I said we have considered this and other options. We'll see what the future will bring.



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