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      I, I'm Gus from Italy 

      I have recently purchased an used DSP 4000 Ultra-HARMONIZER , and I
      want to ask you some questions: 

      1 when I turn on it the following message appears "problem in internal
      ram bad checksum." is it a resolvable problem with a reparation? 

      2 how many factories presets (or programs ?) are originally present in
      the machine? 

      3 how is it possible to make the upgrade of the machine to increase the
      memory and the number of preset? 

      Many thanks 

      Cerreti Gustavo 

      P.S. : I have done this questions because I don't have the 4000 series
      operating manuals

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      Hi Gustavo

      1 We have a dedicated technote on bad checksum errors here:


      If you can't fix it as suggested, it may be necessary to change an internal battery. We still have it. It requires a skilled technician to be installed though. It's available in our web store.

      2 You can check the presets list (and other documents) here:


      3 The only way you can add storage capacity is by purchsing PCMCIA cards. As the 4000 series has been discontinued long time ago, we no longer have these cards. You need to search on the internet for them.

      all te best


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      Hello! Is it still possible to buy internal battery from you guys for the DSP 4000 ? Thanks


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      Eventide Staff

      What you want is a BQ4013YMA-120, made by either TI or Benchmarq. Basically, any part beginning BQ4013 will do.

      The Eventide part number is  202106, so call 201-641-1200 and see if they have any. (Probably not).

      Otherwise, try http://www.digikey.com, who show stock of BQ4013MA-120, but have minimum order quantities. Maybe you can talk them into selling you just one.

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