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      Hello everybody.

      This may sound silly but I have to ask.I am thinking of buying an eclipse as an effects processor for my rig.The rig goes like this:

      FLOOR BOARD( wah and stuff)+ MIDIMATE


      2 PREAMPS (JMP 1 OR ADA MP 1)

      HUSH NR (on loop)



      The whole thing is midi controlled by the midi mate.

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      My sound is based in the EQ of the effects processor.

      So, the questions are:

      1)Does the eclipse has a decent EQ that I can use?

      2)Can I use the eclipse in stompbox-like mode so I can have the same EQ every time but be able to control different effects ON/OFF using the controller mode in the midimate?

      3)Can I adjust the overall output level from the eclipse to the power amp and if so, for every patch independently?

      To sum up I want to be able to make any patch(on the midi mate) that I will have a selected preamp sound with additional specific EQ and LEVEL OUT and to be able to use the rest five buttons on the midimate(controller mode) to control on/off delay, reverb,,2-3 modulations. 

      Thanks for your time reading this.

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