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      Hello there,

      Im having a very similar problem to a previous poster with regards to accessing the user programs 001 – 099 with a foot controller.

      Im using a GCX Ground Control with the Ground Control Pro foot switcher. I am not switching multiple devices.. the reason im using the GCX is because it supplies phantom power to the footswitch which the Eventide doesnt seem to do?

      I imagine this would be simpler if I had the adapter to power the Ground Control and just go straight into the Eventide? Im guessing this is some kind of banking issue. for example.. program 0-1 on the controller will be 101 on the eventide…

      Ive dabbled around in the GCX to find a solution and the only banking option i would toggle would alter the program by a single increment… for eg. 1st setting – 0-0 (ground control) would equal 01 (eventide) … 2nd setting – 00 (ground control) equals 00 (eventide) or in my unfortunate case 100

      Best Regards,

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      HI Rygar

      from Eclipse manual:

      Remote Power In
      Power supplied at this jack is sent ?down? the MIDI In port?s pins 6 and 7. Use a suitable MIDI pedal board and connect its ?wall wart? (external power supply) to this jack. Use a "7 pin" MIDI cable between the Out port on the board and the In port on the Eclipse.
      Power will be remotely supplied to the MIDI pedal board.

      So power is provided within these hardware specs.

      The reason why you may not be able to recall presets in the 1-100 area is that you are using a wrond MIDI Map. provided you have presets stored in that area, you need to use MIDI Map# 2. Check this out under SETUP > MAPS.


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       I figured this out later after this post by adjusting the midi maps..  once i did select the map i believe there were three parameters of equivelence to adjust.  it was set at 100 – 100 I believe ..  I forgot the way the other two were set at .. but I got it to work by setting the first two parameters like so   1-1 ,  2-2 

       Thanks for the support very much!   I love this product

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