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      So this morning I turned the unit on and was processing a
      few sounds here and there nothing overly taxing. Anyway it flipped back
      to the initializing screen that says H3000 d/se away from the presets.
      I was doing something else and didn't see it happen but noticed it when I went to select another preset.  I shut it off and let it cool down and decided to move it down a few
      slots to see if maybe it was getting hot. it didn't feel overly warm
      anyway when I switched it back on it seems to not want to let me push
      line in and then select a preset it will do it for a second and then go
      back to initializing screen occasionally with the screen going all
      wonky flickering a bit flipping out through what looks like giggerish
      and then resetting itself back to the initial screen which says H3000  d series ultra harmonizer.   It looks like the line in function isn't working.  

      Any thoughts or is this a major repair? 

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      Eventide Staff

      Alas, the H3000 series are not supported on this forum. You should either find a local technician or contact your dealer or Eventide's service department.

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      I found the article on the website suggesting these problems are the power supply but thank you anyway.  I do have a local tech, I just wondered if it was the battery ram pack which I could replace myself. 

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      Eventide Staff

      Be mindful of static charges and safety (unplug the unit!), but you can pop out the old RAM and pop the new one in.

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      Before you send it out, try using something like deoxit on the motherboard power connector.  Or simply remove and reseat it (the power supply connector on the motherboard) several times (like 5 – 10 times).

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