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      Hi all

      I am having issues with the stereo output of my H3000 D/SE being unbalanced. 

      When the Bypass button (aka line button) is on bypass mode, the stereo comes out balanced. However when Bypass button is pressed to effect in line mode, it is unbalanced  (uneven) with the left output being higher than the right by 6db.

      Ever since I have bought the unit, I have adjusted the left output to -6db and right to 0db which makes the stereo output balanced. But I am wondering if there is something wrong with the unit? Is it normal for the H3000 D/SE to sound unbalanced like this?

      I have reset the O.S a few times yesterday. At first (when the bypass button was pressed to ‘effect in line’ mode, the effected sound came out balanced. But after a while, it came to uneven.

      I have changed cables as well but this did not seem to have effect.

      Any ideas? Is there anything else I can do here or do I need to send it to Eventide for service?

      I have emailed Eventide about this yesterday but am still awaiting their response.



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