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      I have a tech question. I want to set up the Harmonizer for a echo effect but I don't want  the incoming signal delayed just echoed for a length depending on how much feedback or sustain. Iv' e tried tweaking most all of the presets to achieve that with no luck.  My Roland SDE 3000 will do both delayed echo and Instant depending on which output is hooked up mixed or delayed , the same was the case with my old H949 Harmonizer. I'm running a stereo guitar rig and am trying to stagger the Echos from left and right without to much delay time between them.

      Thanks for your time. Justin

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      Eventide Staff

      It is not entirely clear to which product you refer.

      Assuming that you are referring to a member of the H3000 family, I am obliged to inform you that these ancient products are not supported on this forum.

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