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      Hi there,

      I've recently join Eventide family. (h3000 +update with all patche)

      i want to plug it throug my g-system but i think i dont understand something and i will probably buy an eclipse.

      there 2 in channel on back of h3000 and 2 out channel… but i'm not able to sound in stereo.

      i want to know if each channel is stereo or i must use each as mono to exit stereo?

      right i have test both and i'm not able to say " yeah, it is". Maybe i dont understand something or i've not find it in manual…

      presently i've plug it like this Guitar – Gsystem  out stereo – H3000 – Ada microcab – onyx 400-f (1 channel for both side) maybe the problem is there.

      * only the left side of the level clip "groove" when i play.

      i want to khow if the eclipse is more easy to use then h3000… it's a bit difficult whit the h3000


      alex 🙂

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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry – we can't offer much support for H3000 – it's over 20 years old, and everybody here who knew about it is long gone.

      Eclipse is in many ways very similar to the H3000, but, since it does more, is unlikely to be simpler. Take your time, and in particular, read the manual.

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      thx a lot.

      i know i use an age gears 🙂

      see ya 🙂


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