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      Peter Rhode

      Hello everyone,

      I just bought a Eventide H3000D/SX Ultra Harmonizer. I plugged a host of instruments through a DI (guitar, bass, keyboard) and then into a channel

      on my mixer. I get a hiss on every patch my playing. My connections are guitar-DI–mixer via XLR input and output to mixer. Is there something Im 

      doing wrong? I really wanted it to do special effects through my keyboard. Also, this particular model does not have effects such as “jet” and other

      special effects patches.

      Any help and ideas are truely appresciated.




      Pete Rhode

      530 570-1270

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      Eventide Staff

      Eventide is no longer able to support the H3000 series, a product that is 30 years old this year. Hopefully some of our users can help.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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