Eventide H3500 audio problem.

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      I have provided a video so you can hear this problem.. Please listen to full recording. When my h3500 is first turned on it
      works fine, then after approx. 10/15 minutes it starts doing what you
      will hear in the video. Starting at about 5 seconds in youll hear some
      weak audio in the path, but the big stuff starts at 19 seconds in,
      sounds like white noise. this comes and goes. I noticed when I switched
      to reverb it wasn't there. just on the mod factory and pitch algos. Any
      ideas what it may be?

      Here is the video. Thank you!!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RA6KwTEpO70&feature=youtu.be

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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry – we really can't support 3000's on this forum – they are just too old (introduced 1987), and we have very few people who know about them.

      That said, it sounds to me like a memory problem, so should be fixable. If you want to send it it, you should contact support@eventide.com, otherwise a local handyman or technician.

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